6YL-80A automatic oil press


6YL-80A Screw Oil Press

12 in a row, 6 snails

Press shaft speed: 35-40 rpm/min

Gearbox speed ratio: 15/38*15/52=1:8.78

Motor matching power: 5.5kw V-belt model: Type B

Dimensions: 1900mm (length) x800mm (width) x1700mm (height)

Single machine weight: 500kg

Output: 2-3 tons/24 hours

The 6YL-80A automatic screw oil press is a secondary oil pressing equipment. This machine is widely used to process rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, peanut kernel, sesame, tea seed, sunflower seed, tung kernel, olive, coconut fruit, Granular oils such as palm fruit (kernel) can also be used for powdered oils such as rice bran and corn germ, and small wild vegetable oils such as safflower. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple installation, high degree of automation, rapid heating of the press chamber, and can be pressed at any time, the oil output rate is higher than that of ordinary oil presses, the oil output is clear, and the fragrance is pure.

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