200 type fast hydraulic oil press (8 kg)


200 type fast hydraulic oil press


Product introduction of 200 hydraulic oil press

1. Wide squeezing range: (Two squeezing methods, hot pressing and cold pressing can be realized)

Hot pressed oils: sesame, flax, peanut, wheat germ, corn germ, etc.;

Cold pressed oils: walnut kernels, pine nuts, almonds, olives, macadamia nuts, camellia seeds, etc.;

Condiments and Chinese medicines: pepper, mustard seeds, perilla, etc.

2. Good oil quality: pure physical pressing, high oil yield, no temperature generated during cold pressing, no damage to the organic components of the oil material, good oil quality, low impurity content, high cake value and wide application range.

3. Convenient operation and high efficiency: Mechatronics design, low failure rate, high degree of automation, it can be completed within 8 minutes from loading to delivery, beautiful appearance, easy operation (one person can operate 3-4 units).

The main technical parameters

Product type 200 hydraulic oil press

Tank capacity (kg) 8kg

Diameter of bran cake (mm) 230mm

Heating power (w) 1000w

Motor power (kw) 1.5kw

Dimensions (mm) 880*980*1400

1. The performance and characteristics of the machine

    1. This machine can directly squeeze the fried oil, and the whole process is completed in only about ten minutes. It is especially suitable for on-site squeezing in the oil mill, especially when squeezing sesame, not only allows users to see the entire oil extraction process, but also the extracted oil has the characteristics of pure oil quality and long-lasting fragrance.

    2. This machine adopts the advantages of the same type of machine in South Korea, with reasonable design, compact structure, mutual compensation with ultra-high pressure plunger pump and gear pump, large flow cartridge valve, and rapid hydraulic rise. Low pressure loss, programmable controller (Pc) electrical control, stable operation, accurate and reliable, low power consumption.

    3. The machine is refined by screening high-quality steel materials, all large and small parts are chrome-plated, and the appearance is exquisite and tidy; each part of the machine is precisely calculated, with reasonable force points, uniform pressure, rigidity, reliability and durability.

    4. The machine is evenly stressed during the squeezing process, and the oil output rate is high. The oil squeezing rate can reach 98.8-99.2%, and the economic benefit of this machine is high.

    5. The machine adopts pre-setting of pressure and temperature and automatic control of the working process. For example, it is equipped with the drum wok and screening and smoke elimination equipment produced by our factory, so that the whole process of oil extraction can be done by one person, and the operation is free, which effectively saves manpower.

    6. The machine integrates the hydraulic pump station, electrical program control and the frame organically, which greatly facilitates the transportation and operation and saves the floor space.

Second, the name of the host component

l, bottom plate

4. Cylinder

7, the population

10. Strengthen ring B

14. Barrel cover bracket

17. Column fixing nut

20. Top plate opening


2. Left column

5. Barrel

8. Oil outlet

12. Fixed sleeve

15. Barrel cover

18. Top lock nut

21. Top plate handle

3. Right column

6. Top plate

9. Oil pan

13. Strengthen ring A

16. Nut support

19. Bottom lock nut

 Three, host assembly procedures

    l. After assembling the bottom plate and the uprights, place them on the predetermined site.

    2. Clean the base and install the oil cylinder on the bottom plate. When installing, pay attention to the direction of the oil cylinder port facing the back.

    3. When installing the material cylinders on both sides of the oil pan, the fixing frame must be above the oil pan.

    4. The lower backing plate and perforated plate are placed on the oil pan.

    5. When installing the barrel, avoid bumping other connecting parts.

    6. After installing the top plate, firm the nut, use special tools to tighten the nut, loosen 1/4 turn after tightening, and tighten the fastening bolt.

    7. Tighten the left nut, and install the top plate bracket on the bolt.

    8. The upper side of the oil pan is connected to the reinforcing ring B and fixed with bolts.

    9. The oil outlet pipe of the pump box must be firmly connected with the oil inlet.

    10. Turn on the heater power and connect the control circuit at the same time.

    11. When the power supply is 380V, 2P of the two wires of the electrical box is connected to the 220V power supply, and 3P is connected to the 380V power supply.

    12. After the assembly is completed, add the prepared hydraulic oil.

    13. After adjusting the rotation of the motor, put on the V-belt.

    Four, machine operating procedures

    l. Switch on the power supply: (If the three-phase power supply should be connected to the single-phase 220V power supply at the same time 1

    2. When using in spring, autumn and winter, please turn on the heating power (60-90 degrees), and when using in summer, please turn on the heating power (50-70 degrees).

    3. Open the top panel of the main unit and place the filter pad.

    4. Put the fried oil.

    5. Put in the filter pad and cover with the pad. (Be careful not to put hard materials such as hammers in)

6. Put the upper backing plate and cover the top plate.

    7. Turn the work switch to the automatic position and press the work button to work. (If the joystick is in the unloading position, the main engine piston will not work1.

    8. After the machine works normally, the main engine starts to squeeze oil. When the pointer of the pressure gauge points to 60mpa, the pump stops working and the pressure gauge drops. When the pointer points to 54mpa, the pump automatically starts to work. When it reaches 60mpa, the pump stops automatically again, repeating After several times, the interval between starting and stopping is getting longer and longer. When the oil in the lower part of the barrel drips every 3-4 seconds, all oil extraction ends.

    9. After pressing the oil, please press the stop switch of the pump and pull the joystick. When there is a gap between the top plate of the main engine and the column, open the top cover and push the joystick to stop unloading.

    10. Press the start button, the main engine starts to work, and the oil cake starts to move up. After the oil residue is removed from the barrel, the machine stops working. After the oil cake is taken out, a job is completed.

    11. Sesame, almond and other oils are fully fried, and the oil is squeezed after exhausting smoke completely.

    12. Pine nuts and other oily materials with high oil content, it is best not to use this equipment. If you must use it, you must use a special cloth and put it into the barrel for operation.

    Five, matters needing attention

    1. After putting the oil in, cover the backing plate.

    2. Please place the top plate completely before turning on the power.

    3. After the pump starts to work, if the pressure gauge does not increase. Please open the fuel tank cover, first adjust the large pump core overflow valve cover of the plunger pump (the middle hexagon screw). When the pressure gauge shows 40mpa and the system is working normally, then adjust the two small pump core overflow valve covers on both sides. Even if the pressure gauge shows 60mpa, the system should be normal at this time. If there is an abnormality (such as severe vibration, loud noise, etc.), please stop and check to see if the fixing screws of the hydraulic system are loose, whether the pipeline is leaking oil, tighten the screws or Only replace the packing.

4. After taking out the slag cake, when removing the oil residue, put it in an empty bucket.

  5. Eliminate internal pressure when removing oil residue.

  6. When the button does not work, please check the power supply.

  7. When the piston rises slowly, check the rotation direction of the motor.

  8. If the power supply is normal, but the host does not press up after the start button, open the fuel tank cover, take out the one-way valve assembly, clean the spring and valve needle inside and install it.

    9. The pointer of the pressure gauge does not rise after 20-40mpa. Please open the fuel tank cover and check for oil leakage. If oil leakage is found, please replace the packing.

    10. When the pressure of the pressure gauge exceeds 40mpa, the large pump core does not overflow and continues to work. When the pressure of the pressure gauge exceeds 60mpa, when the two small pump cores do not overflow and continue to work, please open the fuel tank cap and rotate the corresponding hex nut in the opposite direction. (Overflow valve cover).

    11. Before the test machine, the user must reliably ground or connect the enclosure to zero in accordance with the regulations of the local power grid. The grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms, and the cross-section of the wire should be greater than 6 square millimeters. Except the staff, it is strictly forbidden to touch the equipment during work.

    Random packing list

    1. One complete machine

    2. One 25kg plastic oil can

    3. One manual

    4. Two 40 copper pads, one 24x2.2

    5. YX type oil seal a=190 one, 200 type one

    6. One dust-proof ring (a=200), one 190 type

    7. Type A V-belt 1550m/m2

    8. Two of 230 mats, two of 220

    9. One certificate of conformity

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