Centrifugal oil filter


Centrifugal oil filter

Centrifugal oil filter uses the high-speed rotation of its centrifugal head to quickly separate oil, water and impurities in lubricating oil with different degrees of pollution under the action of different centrifugal forces. Centrifugal oil filter is suitable for purification treatment of lubricating oil, heavy diesel oil, edible rapeseed oil, tea oil, peanut oil, etc. in power plants, ships, large machinery and equipment. When used in power plant turbine oil treatment, the bypass is connected to the main oil tank of the steam turbine and runs randomly to filter out the moisture and impurities in the oil in time, which will play a positive role in improving the oil quality, slowing down the aging speed of the oil, and ensuring the safe operation of the steam turbine. And the purity of cooking oil.

Using the mixed liquid (turbid liquid) with different densities and immiscible light, heavy liquid and solid phases, the principle of obtaining different sedimentation speeds in the centrifugal force field or gravity field, to achieve separation and stratification or solid particles in the liquid The purpose of settlement.

In the gravitational field or centrifugal force field, the mixed liquid obtains different sedimentation speeds for the light and heavy liquid phases and solid phases with different densities and immiscible with each other, thereby separating the stratification, which is called gravity separation in the gravity field. It is called centrifugal separation in the centrifugal force field.

Gravity separation

The mixed erosion liquid is in the sedimentation tank, and the dense solid particles gradually sink under the action of the earth's gravity. Eventually the liquid will become clear, and the light density liquid will be in the uppermost layer. Gravity separation takes a long time and takes up a lot of area.

Centrifugal separation

The mixed corrosion liquid is in the high-speed rotating drum, and the multi-components with different densities form a ring under the action of centrifugal force. The solid particles with the highest density move outward and accumulate on the peripheral wall of the drum. The light phase liquid is in the innermost layer. Because the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the drum is far greater than gravity, centrifugal separation only takes a little time to obtain the effect of gravity separation, especially when gravity separation cannot be achieved, only the method of centrifugal separation can be used.


1. The centrifugal head rotates fast, and the separation effect of oil, water and impurities is good.

2. Equipped with heating and temperature control devices. Properly increasing the oil temperature can reduce the viscosity of the oil and the binding force between oil and water, which is beneficial to improve the oil-water separation effect.

3. Small size, large processing flow, easy operation and mobile use.

4. Soft start-up characteristics, stable and safe during start-up, shutdown or high-speed rotation; the oil inlet is equipped with a solenoid valve, which automatically cuts off the oil supply circuit in the event of an abnormal power failure.

5. With low temperature setting and water seal protection device, the former ensures that the oil temperature cannot be purified below the set low limit, and the latter automatically closes the purifying oil circuit when the water seal is damaged for some reason and sends an alarm signal , To prevent a large amount of oil from pouring out from the water outlet.

4 separation method

The separation method has several methods of clarification, purification and concentration according to the use requirements and drum function.

1. Clarification:

Clarification performs liquid-solid two-phase separation of the mixed liquid, and the liquid phase is the continuous phase. The separator has one inlet and one outlet.

2. Purification/concentration:

Purification/concentration both perform liquid-liquid or liquid-liquid-solid separation of the mixed liquid. The light phase is the continuous phase during the purification process, and the heavy phase liquid is the continuous phase during the concentration process. The separator has one inlet and two outlets.

The equipment is small but high in science and technology. It is based on the balance of the rotating drum at high speed. It is slightly off-line, even if it is only one millimeter. The high-speed rotating drum is like a vibrator, and the liquid is deflected by the vibration. Resonating the liquid and solid, although the protection of the outer body will not cause danger, it will also cause a lot of damage to the internal organs, and many peers give up the terminal halfway. The scientific and technical personnel of our factory have been committed to this research for several years, repeated experiments to overcome various difficulties, using cylinder molding to form, after internal and external circular grinding to clear the vibration. The centripetal force of the axial movement is used to balance the centrifugal force, so that the high-speed rotation balance problem of the drum can be solved, so that the machine runs smoothly and has high safety performance. The precision sealing device is adopted to make the rotating body and the motor connected parts impervious to oil and oil leakage. .

      This centrifugal oil filter is not only suitable for edible oil filtration, but also for the purification treatment of lubricating oil and heavy diesel oil in ships, power plants, large mechanical equipment, and when used in power plant turbine oil treatment, the bypass is connected to the main oil tank of the steam turbine. The operation can filter out the moisture and impurities in the oil in time, which will play a positive role in improving the oil quality, slowing down the aging speed of the oil, and ensuring the safe operation of the steam turbine. The investment is small, the income is high, and the cost can be fully recovered in one month. It is a good helper for you to make a fortune.

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