6LB-350 Oil Purifier


6LB-350 Oil Purifier

Name: 6LB-350 Oil Purifier

Packing size: 890×550×765

Power: 0.55-0.75 kilowatts

Output: 40-100 kg/hour

        The oil purifiers produced by our Shuangxiang oil press mainly include 6lb-350 oil purifiers, and 6lb-250 oil purifiers are mainly used for crude oil extraction and filtering screw presses. The filter press can be matched with oil presses 6YL-68, 6YL-80, 6YL-95, 6YL-100, and their own motors. Frame type oil filter series oil filter is ideal equipment, edible oil and vegetable oil processing plants and individuals can eat.

      The oil filter has been used as a net oil for edible oil or vegetable oil for biodiesel. This new filter is suitable for filtering crude oil and refined oil, and can also be used for filtering decolorized oil in refining workshops.

       Crude (freshly removed) oil contains moisture, and fiber, resin, color, etc., from plant materials, which makes it darker and opaque. These materials are removed by clarification-either by leaving the upper layer of the oil station intact for a few days and then separated, or by using an oil filter. The oil is passed through a filter cloth and heated to 100°C briefly to evaporate the residual traces of moisture. This is usually enough to meet the quality and customer needs to give several months of shelf life when properly packaged. However, oil requires additional refining stages for degumming, and neutralizing depigmentation has similar quality to commercially refined oil, and these stages are difficult to complete on a small scale.

       Our oil filter is characterized by easy operation, stable technical effect, high capacity and low impurities.

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