6YL-150A automatic oil press


6YL-150A automatic oil press

The 6YL-150A type screw oil press is a large-scale oil press equipment developed and produced. It is tailor-made for large oil plants and oil workshops. It can hot press 700 kg per hour. It is convenient to use, applicable to the wall, high oil yield, and economical. Electricity, low noise, etc., this machine adopts a forced feeding device, feeds at an average speed, and squeezes quickly. It can squeeze peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, oil sunflower, flax seeds, camellia seeds, cotton seeds, and pepper seeds. , Walnuts, tung seeds, castor, almonds and other oil crops. It is most suitable for small and medium-sized oil processing plants and individual professional households. It can also be used for pre-pressing in oil extraction plants.

6YL-150A Screw Oil Press

20 rows in the garden, 9 snails

Press shaft speed: 35-40 rpm/min

Gearbox speed ratio: 15/38*15/52=1:8.78

Motor matching power: 18.5kw V-belt model: Type B

Dimensions: 2300mm (length) x800mm (width) x1600mm (height)

Single machine weight: 1400kg

Output: 12 tons/24 hours

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