6YL-160A automatic oil press


6YL-160A automatic oil press

The 6YL-160A automatic oil press is a large-volume and large-model oil press among domestic screw presses, and is known as the "king of oil presses". The machine adopts an advanced gear transmission system, which has the effect of energy saving and noise reduction. The oil pressing mechanism adopts the form of three-stage pressing, which changes the defects of low oil output and unclear oil quality in traditional oil presses. This machine is suitable for pre-pressing in large oil plants and oil extraction plants. Hot pressing 700 kilograms per hour, easy to use, adaptable wall, high oil yield, power saving, low noise and other features, this machine adopts forced feeding device, feeding speed, fast pressing speed, can widely squeeze peanuts and soybeans , Rapeseed, sesame, oil sunflower, flax seed, camellia seed, cotton seed, pepper seed, walnut kernel, tung seed, castor, almond and other oil crops.

6YL-160A Screw Oil Press

20 rows in the garden, 10 snails

Press shaft speed: 35-40 rpm/min

Gearbox speed ratio: 15/38*15/52=1:8.78

Motor with power: 22kw V-belt model: Type B

Dimensions: 2300mm (length) x1400mm (width) x1500mm (height)

Single machine weight: 1590kg

Output: 12 tons/24 hours

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