Vacuum oil filter


Vacuum oil filter

Output: 100-200 kg/hour

Power: 1.1 kW

Precautions for the use of vacuum oil filter:

1. Read the instruction manual of the oil filter that we can buy back.

2. After we are familiar with the operation steps of the oil filter, we can operate it. 

2. When purifying the oil filter equipment, it is forbidden to use slop oil containing asphaltene for purification. 

3. The oil filter is forbidden to run without oil heating.

4. It is forbidden to carry out ultra-precision filtration of the dirty oil that has not been removed from the water.

5. When reversing the oil circuit, open one circuit first, and then close the other circuit.

6. The oil pipeline of this product is not allowed to be blocked by oil. 

7. When we find abnormal noise or odor in the oil filter equipment, we should stop working immediately, find the cause, deal with it in time, and proceed to work after the treatment.

8. In the normal operation of the oil filter equipment, when the oil temperature rises to 60℃ to 80℃, the vacuum degree may drop sharply. This situation is normal. This is because we are processing the oil. Caused by excessive moisture in the product.



Precautions for using edible oil filter

1. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine without the anchor bolt, and it is prohibited to reverse.

2. The crude oil needs to be added with salt water, hydrated and then filtered.

3. Do not disassemble or pry the machine at will.

4. There is an oil filling hole on the side wall of the oil inlet hopper, and edible oil is filled 2 to 3 times a day to prevent dry grinding of the bearing.

5. The temperature of the filtered oil is about 70 degrees.

6. The longer the oil filter stops during the actual operation, the better the filtering effect. The more even the oil and water are mixed, the better the filtering effect.

7. When the new machine is tested, it is advisable to filter about 10 kg of oil at a time, and after 3-4 times of filtration, it can return to the normal amount of 50-60 kg. The test machine should first be cleaned with boiling water (boiling water) in the oil filter, and it is best to test the machine after repeated idling.

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